Raw cashmere rectangular pillow case


A cushion cover with a gentle color woven with Kyrgyz cashmere that has a firm flesh and a soft touch.This is an original material developed by paying attention to the characteristics of Kyrgyz cashmere, which has thicker fibers than cashmere from other production areas. By blending recycled cashmere in the spinning process at a factory in Japan, the finish is fluffy.In the animal hair spinning industry, where efficiency is a priority and the whitening of animal hair is progressing rapidly, Kyrgyzstan is also a rare area for breeding natural multicolored cashmere. The soft beige that makes the best use of the beautiful coat color of animals without bleaching or dyeing fits nicely on the bed or sofa.

100% Cashmere | Made in Japan

F | H 43-50cm / W 63-70cm



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