Suvin Cotton

Densely woven, long-staple Suvin cotton is widely regarded as one of the world’s highest-grade cotton varieties, and delivers a silky, refined touch. It is derived from a hybrid grown in India—its name is a portmanteau of the Egyptian Sujata cotton and the West Indian St Vincent varieties. It is both sturdy and thin: lightweight and a pleasure to wear. A humble fibre invested with noble qualities.


Brown Cotton

Brown cotton’s natural, untreated pigment and superior tactility has led to its growing popularity. This tannin-rich, responsibly grown cotton is produced in adherence to rigorous environmental and ethical standards. Its long-staple fibres provide a super soft feel and superbly absorbent texture. It originated in California and is today farmed in suitable regions of the southwestern United States.



Farmed for millennia, the flax plant—from whose fibres linen is made—is efficient in its use of both water and energy, rendering it not just a tactile delight but also an environmentally prudent choice of textile. European flax is primarily grown in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Wet and warm coastal environments, along with the region’s rich soil, provide the best growing conditions for this robust, versatile and time-honoured fibre.