We believe that small gestures of comfort and protection can assist in fortifying our spirits and attitude. Échapper (‘escape’ in French) has inspired our name and purpose. We like the possibility that our homes and spaces are a personal haven to enjoy and comfortably escape within. We work with healthy, natural, and resilient materials—such as soft wool, flax linen and responsibly grown brown cotton—to produce a range of textiles and garments designed for longevity, functionality and sensory pleasure. An emphasis on sustainable, progressive and responsible production practices underpins every phase of our products’ development.


When we dress in the morning, we’re conscious of how others might see us. When we return home at night, we slip into something more comfortable: something for ourselves. Our range of soft-to-touch loungewear and sleepwear is designed to look and feel superb, available in raw, natural tones or coloured with botanical dyes. These simple, elegant garments lend dignity to domestic rituals—and may provoke pride in the wearer should he happen to be spied by a neighbour while collecting the newspaper or taking out the rubbish.


Not every towel is created equally: our pure linen and cotton specimens are in a league of their own. The perfect size, weight and texture to make your daily ablutions feel nothing short of opulent. The material’s feel and absorption will improve with age as the fibres continues to soften.


Sleep the sleep of angels in our exquisite linen sheets and duvet covers. Soft-to-touch European linen, finished in Japan to achieve a finished product that celebrates the material’s raw, natural state. Multiple sizes suit a range of beds. Breathable and lightweight, linen helps to regulate temperature: the looser weave of linen fibres means that in warm weather, it absorbs excessive heat and moisture; while during cooler months it retains body heat. The feel and texture of the fabric will improve with age as its fibres continue to soften.