Laundry liquid - Herbal woody scent - | Refill


The detergent is a biodegradable laundry detergent derived from research into the treatment of offshore tanker accidents, and uses 100% plant-derived cleaning ingredients, which also reduces wastewater pollution and other environmental burdens. It does not use additives such as synthetic fragrances, phosphorus, bleach, or preservatives. It demonstrates its cleaning power in both soft and hard water. Gentle, clean, and refreshingly scented product. Uses natural essential oils such as cedarwood, cypress, and sandalwood. No re-staining due to oils, so no fabric softener is needed. In addition to regular washing, it can be used on delicate materials.

Liquidity | Neutral
Ingredients | Surfactant / Fragrance (essential oil) Made in Japan
Contents | 500ml 16.9 fl.oz.
Approximate amount used | 8ml / Drum type (amount of laundry) 4kg / General type (amount of water) 45L



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