Baby yak cotton blanket


This blanket has a velvety smooth surface texture, dense flesh, and a raised pile on the reverse side. It is woven with a very soft Tibetan yak blended with cotton (brown cotton) yarn, and has a deep color like stones and rocks in nature.

Yaks are covered with long black hair on the surface of their 2.8 to 3.3 meter long bodies in order to adapt to the natural environment of Tibet, famous for Mount Everest, where the temperature is minus 30 degrees Celsius (-30 degrees Fahrenheit), like an ice and snow field. The blend of these hairs provides a very warm, fluffy, and comfortable experience. The soft gray color of the fur, which is not bleached or dyed to preserve the animal's original beautiful fur color, blends well with wood floors, sofas, and other interior decorations.

Yak 20% / Cotton 80% | Made in Japan

S | Made in Japan

H:153cm / W:153cm

M - H:153cm / W:235cm

L / H:153cm / W:300cm



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