Azuki coloured cashmere blanket


This cashmere blanket is "basket dyed" with azuki dye. This is a technique that has been handed down in Japan since ancient times, where the pattern is dyed speckled like wrinkles. It requires a very high level of skill to dye the pattern in a well-balanced manner. Woven with Kyrgyz cashmere, which has a firm texture and soft touch, it has a gentle color. This is an original material developed by focusing on the characteristics of Kyrgyz cashmere, which has thicker fibers compared to cashmere from other regions. The soft and fluffy finish is achieved by blending recycled cashmere in the spinning process at a factory in Japan. In the animal hair spinning industry, where efficiency is prioritized and white-colored animal hair is rapidly becoming the norm, Kyrgyzstan is a rare region where natural multi-colored cashmere is raised.

100% Cashmere | Made In Japan

Half Blanket | H 147cm / W 235cm
Blanket | H 147cm / W 300cm



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